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Vacation Story: CA Uber Alles!

We recently had the pleasure of doing our first two-family family vacation. Bean’s “Godparents”—for lack of a better description—Jen and Jeremy, along with their two adorable children G and A, traveled with us to California to check out the Redwoods. This was a brilliant idea that Jen herself birthed, and she and Jill did most (if not all!) of the legwork in making this happen, including finding wonderful accommodations, planning the details of the trip, and booking the tickets. As always we have pics to share with our tale, but we were asked not to include ones of their children (which is also why we only provided initials), so all the cuteness will be Bean’s and her moms’. If you see other children, it’ll be their backs or too far away to identify properly. 

We lucked out on both legs of the flight. We flew direct (no crazy worries about missing connections or anything here), and we booked the aisle and window seats in the hopes that if anyone did book the middle, they’d turn tail and run when they realized a toddler was involved. It worked out. Bean had her own, unpaid for seat in both directions. It allowed her to play one of her favorite flight-time games:

I don’t know what she’s singing. Continue reading

Avery Cookin’

I just couldn’t resist sharing this with all of you.  Avery is making pasta for dinner.

Christmas in Indiana

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Oh Christmas time. Thoughts turn to tinsel and trees and gifts and carols…and latkes! At least it does when you spend Christmas with the Jewish side of the family. We traveled to Indiana to spend Bean’s first Christmas with the … Continue reading

Favorite Things

That Avery! She’s such a vibrant, fun, active kid. We seriously get a huge kick out of her, and she continuously surprises us. We thought she was bright before, but being in daycare has really helped accelerate it all. She comes home sometimes saying and doing things that just throw us for a loop. For example, she recently started saying, “I like that!” about things that, well…she likes! It’s so cute. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to capture some of this stuff on camera, so here are a few excerpts. Continue reading

Big Shoes to Fill

It’s hard being such a big girl, but Avery seems to have it down.