About Our Family

Jill and Stevie met their senior year of college (well, it was Stevie’s super-senior year). They were moving into a shared house where they had mutual friends, but didn’t know each other. They started dating in October for what was supposed to be one last college romance. Here they are years later. 🙂

Kelly was already a member of Jill’s family when Jill and Stevie met. Kelly is a Peach Front Conure that Jill bought with her own savings when she was 12 years old. Kelly lived at home with Jill’s parents until Jill graduated. She then moved to Boston with Jill and Stevie and has been with them ever since.

After living in Boston for a few years they moved to Atlanta. It was there that Brindle joined the family. Brindle was 10 weeks old when she was found on the side of the highway in North Georgia. It so happened that the good samaritan was friends with Stevie’s boss at the time, and through that connection Stevie was able to meet Brindle and decided to bring her home.

The foursome lived in Atlanta for a few years before moving back to Boston. They were married on October 24th, 2009 in the chapel of the University where the whole adventure started. Two years later they added a fifth member to their household, Avery. Avery was born on June 23, 2011.

The family decided to create a blog to share their adventures and daily grind with whosoever would be bored enough to want to read about it. 🙂

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