Winter Storm Nemo

So, it was kind of a while ago, but we had a pretty big winter storm here in NE back in February. Dumped a crap-ton of snow on our heads.

Snow as high as Avery

Snow as high as Avery

Others put beer in the snow...Bean has her sippy cup

Others put beer in the snow…Bean has her sippy cup

We took the opportunity to have a lot of fun with Bean in this stuff. Jill, ever so creative, decided to dig out a snow cave in our backyard.

Avery Cookin’

I just couldn’t resist sharing this with all of you.  Avery is making pasta for dinner.

Christmas in Indiana

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Oh Christmas time. Thoughts turn to tinsel and trees and gifts and carols…and latkes! At least it does when you spend Christmas with the Jewish side of the family. We traveled to Indiana to spend Bean’s first Christmas with the … Continue reading

Favorite Things

That Avery! She’s such a vibrant, fun, active kid. We seriously get a huge kick out of her, and she continuously surprises us. We thought she was bright before, but being in daycare has really helped accelerate it all. She comes home sometimes saying and doing things that just throw us for a loop. For example, she recently started saying, “I like that!” about things that, well…she likes! It’s so cute. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to capture some of this stuff on camera, so here are a few excerpts. Continue reading

Thanksgiving in Cleveland

This year was the Caldwell Family’s turn to host our little clan for Thanksgiving. We had a little difficulty with scheduling on this trip. I believe the last time we were in Cleveland we weren’t on the strict sleep schedule that we eventually instituted (for her and our own good!). Trying to make sure we got her to bed by 8pm while also trying to spend time with the family and maneuver around work schedules was not an easy task. My mom had also started a new job right before we arrived, so whereas before we could count on having entire weekdays to spend with her that was not the case this time around. On top of that Avery was actually sick, so she wasn’t in the best of spirits for much of the trip. Still, we made the most of it and I think my family got a kick out seeing how much she’d changed and developed since they last saw her.

She had a good time hanging out with her cousins. Here they are reading one of her favorite books, “Put Me in the Zoo”.

Reading with the Fitzpatrick Boys

She and Davion struck up quite the bond. We took a walk to the store and he was so sweet, holding her hand the entire way.

On a stroll










While there we also went downtown to check out the official lighting of the Christmas decorations in Public Square, made a visit to the Children’s Museum, and Avery got her first real taste of my mom’s home cooking. No one does holiday feasts like my mom!

It was overall a good (not to mention long-overdue) trip. As she gets older it becomes more challenging to travel with her. At age 2 we actually have to pay for a ticket for her, which is prohibitive because flights to the midwest are expensive, y’all! It’s also getting harder and harder to contain her during flights. You can’t just breastfeed her to sleep anymore, and she’s so very active that sitting still is pretty much not an option. Next year we’re thinking we’re going to make our families come to us for the holidays! Until then, next stop is Indiana for Christmas.